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Australia / Oceania

This group are involved in the magical arts. Throughout the organization, there are many magicians who volunteer endless hours to conducting their Ring’s business and magic meetings, performing in their Ring shows or volunteering for magic mentoring programs, Healing of Magic, and a variety of charities and other causes.

Duration: 30 Minutes
No. of Performers: 4
Price: $AUD 600.00


Public Holidays: Yes

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Performance Name
*Female magician in Australia

*Female magician in Australia (Australia/Oceania)

Just one of a handful of female magicians in Australia brings a fresh and non-traditional approach to close up magic. Using playing cards & tarot cards, magical boxes and trinkets, a voodoo doll (and ...

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*Classic skit and music group

*Classic skit and music group (Australia/Oceania)

This eccentric show band covers it all from classic skits to variety skills to rousing and raucous music. There is a great deal of audience participation playing and singing. ...

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*Close-up magic

*Close-up magic (Australia/Oceania)

Startling close-up magic right under your nose, the magician takes all the standards of close up magic (cards, coins & sponge balls) to a new level with effects so bizarre you'd swear it was a camera ...

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*Clown performance

*Clown performance (Australia/Oceania)

Chuckling with his quick-witted words, bombastic buffoonery, magic, juggling, balloon art, comedy and audience interaction as he lets loose his own brand of lunacy around your function ...

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*Multicultural Circus

*Multicultural Circus (Australia/Oceania)

Clowning, magic, ballooning, juggling, magic, mime, hula hoop, aerial, hand balance, tissu, tumbling, Chinese pole, plate spinning, unicycling, acrobalance, stilt walkers, Chinese acrobats, fire juggl...

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*Music group

*Music group (Australia/Oceania)

This group has an electrifying stage presence with male and female vocalist backed by some of the finest musicians. They are known for pumping out energizing renditions of classic R&B, Motown, Rock an...

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*Music performance Group

*Music performance Group (Australia/Oceania)

Performing either as a six or up to an eight piece dance band, This group is well known as one of the area's most solidly-experienced class acts. It performs over 1000 songs and instrumentals. ...

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Performance and musical group

Performance and musical group (Australia/Oceania)

This music band fuses musical theater, urban street jam, acrobatics and over-the-top production elements. The stage pulses with phantasmic characters, acrobats, stunt artists, singers and dancers. ...

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Roving performance

Roving performance (Australia/Oceania)

Perfect for outdoor community events, and in particular for Australia Day. These unique Aussie icons come as a solo or in pairs, and delight in reforming their image from scary wild creature to gentle...

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The comedy group

The comedy group (Australia/Oceania)

This comedy group is the perfect mix of comedy, music and crowd interaction. If you like the idea of your friends, punters or colleagues making a fool of themselves at your next function as they play ...

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Soul music band

Soul music band (Australia/Oceania)

Four Musically, racially, diverse, exceptional Star-Quality Entertainers. Each performing their own best musical styles authentically. - Completely Genuine Performances - ...

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Sparks Performance

Sparks Performance (Australia/Oceania)

Performers perform fire play routine with dramatic spark display. They do tricks that will keep everyone holding their breath. They are flexible, professional and full of incredible energy ...

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Storytelling with traditional dance

Storytelling with traditional dance (Australia/Oceania)

Consist of 30-45 minutes of storytelling with traditional dance techniques. This can also include audience participation. Length of time is flexible on negotiation. ...

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Sword Swallower

Sword Swallower (Australia/Oceania)

Our sword swallower swallows curved blades, swords, coat hangers, keyhole saws, and bayonets, all without harming himself. He has proven that he uses real blades by having x-rays taken with the swords...

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Aussie Clown

Aussie Clown (Australia/Oceania)

"The Clown performs juggling, Comedy, Hand Balancing, Hilarious Tricks, story telling and magic. They can entertain in Casinos, Corporate Functions, Festivals, Private Parties, Parades, Product launch...

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