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Australia / Oceania

Clowning, magic, ballooning, juggling, magic, mime, hula hoop, aerial, hand balance, tissu, tumbling, Chinese pole, plate spinning, unicycling, acrobalance, stilt walkers, Chinese acrobats, fire jugglers and fire breathers and more!

Duration: 30 Minutes
No. of Performers: 4
Price: $AUD 600.00


Public Holidays: Yes

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Performance Name
*Comedy magician

*Comedy magician (Australia/Oceania)

This magician performs various Comedy Night Venues, Golf Tournaments, Kids Shows, Close-up Magic, and Corporate Events.  His corporate credits include performances for: Shoeless Joe's, A & P Food S...

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*Disco dance band

*Disco dance band (Australia/Oceania)

This band is the perfect act for whatever occasion you might have that wants intensely UNIQUE, high energy, high quality, danceable entertainment. ...

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*Double trouble

*Double trouble (Australia/Oceania)

An interactive explosion of general mayhem involving two clowns performing acrobatics, magic, mime, juggling, music, balloon folding, audience participation and give aways. Includes give away balloon ...

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*Duo Acrobatic Performer

*Duo Acrobatic Performer (Australia/Oceania)

Presenting the acrobatic duo who perform incredible acrobatic skill of strength and balance. With stunning gymnastic lifts and balancing acts, the duo has extensive experience on the international sta...

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*Female gymnastic

*Female gymnastic (Australia/Oceania)

Performing gymnastic balancing and street dance/acrobatics. ...

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*FIRE PERFORMANCES (Australia/Oceania)

Fire show: includes a fully insured15 – 20 min show involving advanced fire manipulation, fire juggling, fire magic and fire breathing all set to music. Fire roving: per hour or part thereof in...

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*Funny Australian's comedians

*Funny Australian's comedians (Australia/Oceania)

Laugh along with some of Australia's top comedians! For a stand-up, in your face, knock-you-down good time, we have the finest and funniest comedians available. ...

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*Funny magic show

*Funny magic show (Australia/Oceania)

This magician is an entertainer with a difference. He combines the skills of a con artist, pickpocket, magician, comedian and sideshow entertainer in one incredible act.As Australia's Honest Con Man, ...

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*Gangster magic

*Gangster magic (Australia/Oceania)

Keep your eyes on his machine gun and yours hand on your wallets! This magician is dressed to the nigh in slick gangster style. He performs at a wide variety of events, from Chicago theme nights, majo...

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*Glowing Performing Dance

*Glowing Performing Dance (Australia/Oceania)

Performing in the dark, the dance is energetic and mesmerising. The crowd will be overwhelmed by the light and movement. ...

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*International magic performance

*International magic performance (Australia/Oceania)

This group are involved in the magical arts. Throughout the organization, there are many magicians who volunteer endless hours to conducting their Ring’s business and magic meetings, performing...

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*Intimate magic

*Intimate magic (Australia/Oceania)

From the depths of their elegant attire Magicians will produce a myriad of ordinary objects that become extraordinary under their spell. Ropes that perform miracles, coins that vanish, things that lev...

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*Jazz band

*Jazz band (Australia/Oceania)

This band consisting of 7 talented and experienced musicians, has a distinct sound and style all their own.  It is even enough to get anyone out of their seats and on to the dance floor. ...

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*Magic Entertainment

*Magic Entertainment (Australia/Oceania)

Magic Entertainment prides itself on having effectively developed and created events that have excited and stimulated our audiences with unique ideas from concept to completion with many clients recom...

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*Mental magic

*Mental magic (Australia/Oceania)

He brought the art of Mind reading, E.S.P. and telekinesis from fiction and fantasy into a firm and provable reality. His ability to receive mentally transmitted images, and to move things with just t...

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