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Greece / Europe

"Specialising in Solo Male Bellydancers, Duos, Troupe performers, Sword dancers, roving dancers, spectacular stage shows and Bollwood dancers. Between 1 and 10 dancers
are available to make any funcion/event complete with a touch of the exotic east!

With purpose of promoting and encourage multicultural connectivity and friendship through dance. Apart from performance, private and group tuition is available and educational hands on workshops are a specialty also.

Shows generally durate for 15-20 mintues, are danced to club mixes in greek, turkish and arabic however live drumming is available upon request. We are able to dance all over melbourne and interstate and bookings can we arranged either via phone or email."

Duration: 30 Minutes
No. of Performers: 1
Price: $AUD 1000.00


Public Holidays: Yes

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Performance Name
*Latvians Dance

*Latvians Dance (Latvia/Europe)

Latvian folksongs, or 'Dainas', have a centuries old history and is estimated that over 1.2 million exist - making Latvian oral tradition one of the richest in the world. Dainas are characteristically...

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Scandinavian Folk Dancing

Scandinavian Folk Dancing (Sweden/Europe)

Scandinavian folk dances are generally done in couples, with the exception of a few virtuoso solo dances. They include turning dances as well as set dances for groups of couples. Swedish and Norwegi...

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*Croatian dance

*Croatian dance (Croatia/Europe)

A traditional meeting of amateur dance ensembles from across Croatia. All forms of dance expression are represented – from contemporary dance and classical ballet, to social dance, show dance, ...

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*Greece traditional dance

*Greece traditional dance (Greece/Europe)

Greece is one of the few countries in the world where the folk dances are as alive today as they were in ancient times. Dance has always played an important role in the life of a Greek. Dance was rega...

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Chris bellydance

Chris bellydance (Greece/Europe)

"Specialising in Solo Male Bellydancers, Duos, Troupe performers, Sword dancers, roving dancers, spectacular stage shows and Bollwood dancers. Between 1 and 10 dancers are available to make any func...

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*Dancers in Malta

*Dancers in Malta (Malta/Europe)

The group offer Cabaret, Latin American, breath taking Duets, Lyrical, Modern Jazz. Being versatile, they are able to suit the atmosphere required for most particular event. ...

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Portuguese Dance

Portuguese Dance (Portugal/Europe)

The dance is very cheerful and this resembles the cheerful life of the youngsters. It is performed by couples dressed in the costume of the traditional Portuguese descendants of Malacca. Modern musica...

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Candela Latin Dance

Candela Latin Dance (Spain/Europe)

Formed in 2005 by Manuel Valdez and Florencia Rodriguez, who have backgrounds in Performing Arts including Dance, Music, Percussion, Theatre and Film. Candela Dance has taught thousands of people of a...

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*Flamenco in Spain

*Flamenco in Spain (Spain/Europe)

The flamenco dance is largely improvised within a traditional framework that is characterised by the elaborate toe and heel clicking steps of the men's dance, known as Zapateado, and the graceful body...

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*Flamenco Show

*Flamenco Show (Spain/Europe)

Introducing an authentic, colourful and passionate Flamenco Show which is ideal entertainment for a party for all ages and events. In Spanish flavour, the dancer brings out the real feelings of the su...

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*Basque Dance

*Basque Dance (Spain/Europe)

The basic characteristics of Basque dance are seen in the choreography, historical and festive elements, and the universal traits of tradition, entertainment, tourism and especially religious-festive ...

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Sauzal Folkloric Dance Group

Sauzal Folkloric Dance Group (Spain/Europe)

Introducing different forms of dances from different regions of Chile. Each region has its own dances and costumes. The group of 14 dancers performs and promote Chilean culture through music and danc...

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*The Serbian folk dance

*The Serbian folk dance (Yugoslavia/Europe)

The serbian national folk dance’s aim is to preserve national heritage, customs, dances and songs from all of the countries where Serbian people live. That provided conditions for growth of cul...

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