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Myanmar / Asia

Anyeint is the most popular dance form of Myanmar since the royal days. Anyeint is a dance form closely resembling popular theatre. The name of this form is drawn from a Myanmar word meaning “gentle,” which is a fitting description. Although its origins are somewhat unclear, Anyeint is popular in Myanmar today, and is frequently encountered as one of the entertainments provided in connection with the numerous festivals which are an important part in Myanmar life.

Duration: 30 Minutes
No. of Performers: 4
Price: $AUD 600.00


Public Holidays: Yes

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Performance Name
Chinese Folk Dance

Chinese Folk Dance (China/Asia)


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Belly Dance

Belly Dance (China/Asia)

Belly Dancing...

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*Kabuki and Japanese Dance

*Kabuki and Japanese Dance (Japan/Asia)

The style of dance that reflected kabuki's love of gaudiness and spectacle. Kabuki is a popular dramatic art form that has been a favorite among the Japanese people since the seventeenth century. It i...

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*Korean Creative Dance

*Korean Creative Dance (Korea (Republic of)/Asia)

Korean folk dances are close to the lives of the people. They sprang from a variety of communal rituals, festive occasions, and cooperative labor. When they were made and who made them are, of course,...

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*Korean Music and Dance

*Korean Music and Dance (Korea (Republic of)/Asia)

Korean traditional dance is generally divided into two categories: court dance and folk dance. Folk dance is filled with vigor and rhythm, a far cry from staid court dance. Buddhism, Shamanism and Con...

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*Mongolian dance

*Mongolian dance (Mongolia/Asia)

Mongolian dance began as a ritual performance imitating the movement and manner of deities, mystical creatures and legendary heroes. The great variety of folk dancing has been enriched by clans, tribe...

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Thai traditional dance

Thai traditional dance (Thailand/Asia)

Thai traditional dance is one of the truly graceful aspects of the country and is quite symbolic of the Thai character itself. Beautifully costumed ladies and men patiently miming the ancient stories,...

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*Malay Dance

*Malay Dance (Malaysia/Asia)

There are many traditions to Malay dance. Joget is the most popular traditional dance in Malaysia. The zapin is a uniqe traditional dance which originated from the Middle East. It is preserved in Mala...

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*Indonesian dance

*Indonesian dance (Indonesia/Asia)

Indonesian dancing is a very big part of Indonesian background and a lot of people come to see it preformed.  Dances are usually about stories and tales of fairy-tale characters. The stories are us...

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*Bangladeshi Dance group

*Bangladeshi Dance group (Bangladesh/Asia)

Bangladeshi dance forms also draw from folk traditions, especially those of the various tribal groups, as well as the broader Indian dance tradition. Classical forms of the subcontinent predominate in...

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Classical Indian Dance

Classical Indian Dance (India/Asia)

Promoting South Indian classical dance and culture in Sydney. The group conducts classes, presents performances, organises retreats and provides access to Indian cultural goods and services. The danc...

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Authentic Bollywood Indian Classicial Dance and Music.

Authentic Bollywood Indian Classicial Dance and Music. (India/Asia)

Offering authentic, Colorful and vibrant and accompanied with a short session involving your guests by teaching them some Bollywood steps to a few of the latest Bollywood tunes....

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Bollywood Dance

Bollywood Dance (India/Asia)

"Bollywood is the name given to the popular Mumbai (Bombay) based Hindi language film industry in India. The name is a contraction of “Bombay”and “Hollywood” and was originally...

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Bollywood dancers

Bollywood dancers (India/Asia)

Bollywood dance is a lively dance style characterised by a mix of traditional and modern Indian music, moves, unique expressions and hand gestures. Dancers usually do a 20 minute set, which includes ...

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*Afghan dance

*Afghan dance (Afghanistan/Asia)

Afghan dance includes both male and female dances, though never mixed dances. At traditional engagement or wedding parties it is customary for female musicians and dancers to entertain the women while...

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